Montag, 5. März 2012

Introducing the Mumdex

Asda the second biggest Supermarkt chain in the UK has taken a new marketing approach by introducing the MUMDEX. An instrument not only providing useful information, but also indicating the brands empathy with todays household managers.

The study is adding Asdas agressive pricing strategy, which allows customers to check receipts and receive a refund if their Asda shop is not 10% cheaper than its rivals, with a human factor.

Almost 4,000 real mums of all ages in the UK have signed up to be part of the Mumdex panel, giving their opinion on how they’re really feeling about their finances, their communities, and the outlook for the future of their family. Asda stats the vision is a ‘state of the nation’ report, which  doesn’t look to house prices or retail sales data to predict consumer confidence, but looks instead at how thousands of UK families are coping with the realities of the changing economic landscape.
Here you can download the full report.

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