Montag, 27. Februar 2012

The Beauty of Criticism

Comme des Garçons continues its collaboration with Katerina Jebb by blurring the boundaries between criticism & commerce in an unconventional campaign for “the new” Comme des Garçons Fragrance.”

Katerina Jebb, is a Paris-based, British artist who has been creating captivating fake beauty advertisement films with celebs on her imaginary TV Channel, Lucid TV.

Some Examples of her parodies

Tilda Swinton stars for Life Eraser: A life-changing skincare cream that  claims to be a revolutionary cream that will not only erase your wrinkles but your life too.

Kristin Scott Thomas promotes Je Reviens: The award-winning British actor dances in front of a fountain to the tune of West Side Story’s “I Feel Pretty” for The British Cryonics Institute. The campaign encourages the public to plan their afterlife as they bid you to wake up in 3015.

Kylie Minogue presents the Beautiful Body: The petite but perfect body of the Australian pop icon fronts the campaign of this London-based insurance company that guards your "precious assets

The the "new “Comme des Garçons Fragrance fake, art or reality? In fact it is clever move for the brand to embrace the art of criticism and it is a perfectly imperfect platform for the artist to publish her witty comments about the pressure of being young and beautiful.

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