Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Is Black the new Pink?

With its successful launch of  its drop dead fashion dolls „Monster High“ Mattel did not only add a new colour to girls  bedrooms but also  brought the girlfication of horror to an higher level.  Mattel's Monster High muti category toy line targets twen- and teenage girls, and is designed to bring the "hip" teenage descendants of the world's most famous monsters, like Dracula and Frankenstein, to the trials and tribulations of high school.

Not as scary, but also successful for Mattels Tokidoki Barbie collectors doll edition shows that adding some streetsmartness and toughness to the femine side raises attraction. Within one month after its launch the pink hair Tokidoki Barbie, with tattoos on back, shoulders and neck, is now sold for $500 on ebay.


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