Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Granny has got the Power

Grandmas rule. German newspaper „Die Zeit“ recently celebrated the importance of grandparents for bringing up their grandchildren. Also the beauty industry realises increasingly the value of authentic granny models. Take for example Renate Gerdes, 72 year old grandma from Germany. She took part in a L’Oréal Facebook contest and got most of the votes. Finally the jury preferred a much younger contestant over her. She is now modelling for L’Oréal's competitor Henkel Schwarzkopf and adding true granny chic and (social media-) power to the brand.

Grandmas know best. In home décor, lifestyle and especially in fashion - Granny Chic is everywhere. This increasing love for outdated items that made the world a prettier place comes along with respect for ladies that know a lot about life and lifestyle. Looking at the streetstyle of young women today, we observe that young fashion has never appeared older.

Evergreen Grannny: Grandmas also are adding an evergreen aspect to fashion. The Fashion week in Berlin hosts a new Vintage Fair called „Toast and Jam“ celebrating individuality as well as the good old times. Start ups like is linking the art of Granny's knitting with the sustainability aspect of their products.

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